Naruto Vs Luffy

1 1 Description Play as Naruto or Luffy, they are both powerful fighters, but who is stronger? Now select a role and find it out! Vs mode to play 2 players. How to Play: Player 1: WASD to move, J to attack, K to dodge, LUIO to use skill. Player 2: Arrows key to move, 4 … Read more

Rooftop Snipers

Description Battle on top a rooftop against a computer AI or challenge a friend in 2 player mode. Easy to play two button control. Shoot your opponent off the map to win. How to Play: Player 1: W to jump, E to shootPlayer 2: I to jump, O to shoot

Monster Soccer 3D

Description Monsters play soccer too, pick your monster and enter the stadium, in single or co-player on the same computer with a friend. How to Play: ARROW KEYS” Hit: “SPACE” If playing two player:

Combat Tournament Legends

Description It’s time for a combat tournament of epic proportions! Unleash dozens of combos against up to six enemies in a single arena! How to Play: Move/Escape Combos: Arrow Keys.Jump: Space.Attack: A.Special Attack: S.Roll/Wall Jump:D. Pause: . Scoreboard: Q

The King of Fighters 98

Description Retro arcade fighting game. In addition to the series’ iconic characters, “Iori” and “American Sports” teams as well as “Shingo Yabuki” and “Rugal Bernstein” edit characters return in “KOF ‘98” to complete the gorgeous roster of 38 characters and for a never ending dream match! 2 modes to improve the game’s depth! ADVANCED MODE:Various … Read more

Metal Slug 4

Description A fun retro run and gun arcade game. One year after the events of Metal Slug 3, the world is trembling under the new threat of a mysterious but deadly cyber virus that threatens to attack and destroy any nation’s military computer system. With Tarma and Eri unable to help due to their own … Read more

Dragon Ball Z Arcade

Description Dragon Ball Z Arcade is a amazing retro fighting game featuring DBZ characters. It play like the classic street fighter games. YOu can also check out the sequel Dragon Ball Z 2: Super Battle Playable characters Goku Vegeta Gohan Piccolo Frieza Ginyu Recoome Burter Secret character Super Saiyan Goku (enabled when Goku wins 5 matches in … Read more

Castle Wars: New Era

Description A modern revamped of castle wars with new modes, weapons, and more mayhem, How to Play: Player 1 Controls AD = move W = jump E = attack S = place blocks Q = switch weapons Player 2 Controls Left and right arrow keys = move Up arrow key = jump Space = attack Down arrow … Read more

Marvel Super Heroes

Description Marvel Super Heroes is a fighting game in which superheroes and villains from the Marvel Universe fight against each other. The aim of the game is to use attacks and special abilities to knock out the opponent, or possess more life than him/her at the end of the round. Throughout the match, players build … Read more