Monster Soccer 3D

Description Monsters play soccer too, pick your monster and enter the stadium, in single or co-player on the same computer with a friend. How to Play: ARROW KEYS” Hit: “SPACE” If playing two player:

Zombies Shooter Part 1

Description A FPS 3D game where you have to survive in a city where everyone got infected by a virus that turned them into zombies. How to Play: Mouse – look around WASD – movement W + Shift – Run Space – jump Left Mouse Button – Shoot Right Mouse Button (Hold) – Aim Mouse … Read more

Zombies Shooter Part 2

Description The city is overrun by zombies, your goal is to take out all the zombies in each level. Beware: zombies shot in the legs can still crawl towards you. How to Play: Mouse – Look around WASD – Movement W + Shift – Run Space – Jump Left Mouse Button – Shoot Right Mouse … Read more