KBH Game

Super Mario Crossover 3

Description The crossover of classic arcade games characters is finally complete. With the inclusion of difficulty-based maps, there are now 192 levels in the game. Some other notable features are a new difficulty system, a new skin selection system, full-screen support, and several new skins. The characters available in version 3.0 are: -Mario and Luigi-Link … Read more

Fleeing the Complex

Description From the creator of Infiltrating the Airship, Dig 2 China, and Lucky Tower comes another awesome stick figure interactive fiction game: Fleeing the Complex. You must escape from the high security prison by choosing the right course of action. There are many different scenario that can happen based on your chooses. So choose carefully.  In fact there are  FIVE … Read more

Spider Man 2

Description Peter Parker as Spider Man bitten by a genetically engineered spider and soon discovers he have super powers. Orphaned at a young age, Peter Parker, a good-hearted teenager, lives in Queens, New York with his aunt and uncle. Based on the Spider Man 2 movie. Master all-new combat moves and dizzying airborne acrobatics. Move … Read more

Sonic Classic Heroes

Description Sonic Classic Heroes allow the player switch between characters such as Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles. Updated to 2022 version. How to Play Player 1 (Default Mapping) Inside The Game Your Keyboard ↑←↓→ [W],[A],[S],[D] A, B, C Button = [J],[K],[L] PLAY,MODE = [Enter], [SPACE-BAR] How to Save: Hover over the game canvas. A save button will … Read more