To Do: Finish The Game

Description A puzzle-platformer where the programmer is too lazy to finish the game so you the player have to finish the game by doing some programming stuff to beat each level. Find creative ways to finish the game as fast as possible using the events the programmer left you, and may the force be with … Read more

Quick Math

Description Quick Math is a free math game. Fast math is the only math worth doing. Anyone can punch numbers into a calculator, count on their fingers, or scribble equations on index cards. It is the truth brain-geniuses that have the ability to fast math in their heads wherever and whenever they want. Don’t let … Read more

Reach 2048

Description Reach 2048 is an online puzzle game combined with math skills. Play a game of 2048 in between practicing your math skills. The objective of 2048 is to slide the numbers to combine them ultimately adding the numbers to 2048. Try to get as high as a number as you can before running out … Read more