Super Mario Craft

How to play Mario craft Mario craft is a combination of Minecraft and Mario build Mario world as you like to build. you can save and load game use space bar and up arrow key to keep high up arrow to move forward right arrow to move right left arrow to move left down arrow … Read more

Mario Kart

Go- Mario kart racing game with classic characters. You can play as one of many different characters. And you can slow down your opponents with banana peels and more. How to Play Player 1 (Default Mapping) Inside The Game Your Keyboard ↑←↓→ [W],[A],[S],[D] A, B, X, Y Button = [J], [K], [I], [L] L, R … Read more

Super Mario Rush 2

Description Super Mario Rush 2 is one of our many fun Mario games. In this game you must explore a variety of different worlds and collect gold coins as you progress. You can control the iconic character Mario and guide him through each level – collect all the gold coins you see and don’t forget to … Read more

Abobo’s Big

Description Abobo is possibly the angriest 8-bit character on the internet, and he is truly enraged when his son, Aboboy is kidnapped by evil gangsters! Can you help Abobo rescue his son and destroy practically everything in his path? Throughout this fun and exciting game, you will bump into various Nintendo characters such as Donkey … Read more

Mario Invaders

Description Mario Invaders is an awesome Space Invaders style game that has Super Mario characters and graphics. Bowser is invading Mario World and you must put a stop to his plans by shooting down his spaceships! You must act fast and quickly destroy the invading creatures before they hit the bottom of each level. You … Read more

Elly Mario Bros

Description Jelly Mario Bros is the Super Mario Bros game we all love but with an unusual twist. The gravity in the world seems a little strange and everything has become spongy and bouncy! You must control Mario as usual but he moves in a strange way and you must work hard to control his … Read more