KBH Game


Description Narrow.One is a 3D multiplayer where players use bow-and-arrow to capture the enemy’s flag. Work together with your teammates. Invite your friends to join along in the online multiplayer arena. Credits: Made by Pelican Party Studios How to Play: Move – WASD keys Shoot – Hold and release the left mouse button Mobile controls – … Read more

Shell Shockers

1 Description Shell Shockers is a funny and cool FPS video game where you play as an EGG. The world’s first browser-based First Person Egger! Get cracking! Choose from 6 different egg classes: scrambler, free ranger, eggsploder, whipper, crackshot and soldier. Each class has a different weapon and varied skills. How to Play: WASD to … Read more

Repuls.io: Halo & Battlefield Inspired FPS

Description Play a  futurist augmented super solider. Battle against real players from all over the world in real time with an open world to explore, lots of weapons, vehicles and equipments. This online multiplayer is inspired by Halo & Battlefield. Credits: Repuls.io was created by Docski. How to Play: Move – WASD keysChange weapon – … Read more

Paper IO

Description Battle for territory and try to gain the highest percentage of territory on the map. Paper.io have elements of classic tron, snake, and Xonix. You die when you run into your own trailing tail or another player does. Try to gain as much territory as you can. More territory equals more points. CLimb to … Read more

Lady Popular

Description Customize your own supermodel and guide her through the glamorous world of fashion! Full of mini-games, pets, boyfriends, and duels! Welcome to the world of Fashion Duels! Are you born to be popular? Do you have an amazing fashion sense? Are you destined to live the life of a superstar? Then welcome to Fashion … Read more