Mineworld Horror: The Mansion

Description Survive an apocalyptic world full of living dead. How to Play: Mouse 1 : fire weaponMouse 2 : raise sightsC : toggle camera modeW, S, A, D : move playerLeft Shift : sprintLeft Ctrl : crouchX : prone Space : jumpF : use itemR : reloadH : holster weaponG : throw grenadeT : enter … Read more

Gun Knight

Description A roguelike heavily inspired by Gungeon and Binding of Isaac, you play a Knight whose quest is to venture into a nearby dungeon – utilizing the most powerful magic of all… GUN MAGIC! Starting off with a pistol, instead of picking up items to modify your character – you pick up gun parts in … Read more

Red Handed

Description A stealth game where you have to get caught. Credits: Made by BadPiggy Follow on Twitter Join our Discord How to Play: WASD, the game supports ZQSD for AZERTY

MADNESS: Off-Color

DescriptionPico has fallen into the world of Madness, and needs to fight his way out with nothingbut his fists… and the hundreds of weapons that the average gang of grunts seemto possess. If you like the game become a supporter of Newgrounds. Credits: Stepford (Programmer) : Twitter | Newgrounds | Itch.io Framboot (Lead Artist) : … Read more

Impact Point

1 Description Impact Point is the top down online multiplayer arena battle royale game where the winner is the last man standing. Customize your characters with different style. Join a game or create one. Pick the map you want. Start with no weapons. Quickly search the map for weapons. Be the last man standing. Win … Read more


Description Narrow.One is a 3D multiplayer where players use bow-and-arrow to capture the enemy’s flag. Work together with your teammates. Invite your friends to join along in the online multiplayer arena. Credits: Made by Pelican Party Studios How to Play: Move – WASD keys Shoot – Hold and release the left mouse button Mobile controls – … Read more

Zombies Shooter Part 1

Description A FPS 3D game where you have to survive in a city where everyone got infected by a virus that turned them into zombies. How to Play: Mouse – look around WASD – movement W + Shift – Run Space – jump Left Mouse Button – Shoot Right Mouse Button (Hold) – Aim Mouse … Read more

Drunken Duel 2

Description Drunken Duel 2 is here with a new arena, weapons and conditions! One button ragdoll action battle to stop on top of the rooftop. How to Play: Player 1: “W”Player 2: “UP ARROW KEY”