KBH Game

Gun Knight

Description A roguelike heavily inspired by Gungeon and Binding of Isaac, you play a Knight whose quest is to venture into a nearby dungeon – utilizing the most powerful magic of all… GUN MAGIC! Starting off with a pistol, instead of picking up items to modify your character – you pick up gun parts in … Read more


Description Narrow.One is a 3D multiplayer where players use bow-and-arrow to capture the enemy’s flag. Work together with your teammates. Invite your friends to join along in the online multiplayer arena. Credits: Made by Pelican Party Studios How to Play: Move – WASD keys Shoot – Hold and release the left mouse button Mobile controls – … Read more

Zombies Shooter Part 1

Description A FPS 3D game where you have to survive in a city where everyone got infected by a virus that turned them into zombies. How to Play: Mouse – look around WASD – movement W + Shift – Run Space – jump Left Mouse Button – Shoot Right Mouse Button (Hold) – Aim Mouse … Read more