Friday Night Funkin vs HoloFunk


A mod of Friday Night Funkin where you join retired vtuber Mano Aloe as she pursues a new way to chase her dream of making it big as a singer – the power of rapping!

* The goal is this port is to optimized game to make it more accessible for everyone including people Chromebook, potato PC’s, and otherwise can’t download to play the game when on a Mac or other OS.

Custom Songs:

  • Live Again
  • RIP
  • Callibattle
  • Sharkventure
  • Mythbuster
  • Haachama
  • Botan
  • Lalion
  • Poi
  • Friday Night
  • Cinderella
  • Gangimari
  • Hands

Holofunk Credits:

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  • Main Mod Makers
  • Original Musicians and COVER Corporation Associates
    • COVER Corporation: Entertainment Company, Parent Company of Hololive
    • kokorobeats: Live Again, RIP (Original mixes; HoloFunk Crew remixes used instead)
    • AO: OWTH (Original mixes;HoloFunk Crew remixes used instead)
    • Camellia: Sharkventure & Myth-Buster (Original Song)
    • Hidenori Shoji & Various Others: Yakuza tracks used in Week 4
    • Guchico: Original Designer (Mano Aloe)
    • Nishizawa: Original Designer (Momosuzu Nene)
    • Yukisame: Original Designer (Mori Calliope)
    • Amashiro Natsuki: Original Designer (Gawr Gura)
    • Nabi: Original Designer (Watson Amelia)
    • Haruyuki: Official Designer (Akai Haato)
    • Sabamisore: Official Designer (Akai Haato’s alternate costume)
    • Tomari: Official Designer (Shishiro Botan)
    • yaman**: Official Designer (Kiryu Coco)
    • Nagashiro Mito: Official Designer (Shirakami Fubuki)
    • Izumi Sai: Official Designer (Ookami Mio)
  • Vocal Samples
    • Kawai Sprite: as Boyfriend as the Player Charactesr
    • Sr Pelo: as Skid & Pump as Gura & Amelia
    • Calliope Mori: as Herself (Week 1 Vocals)
    • Gura Gawr: as herself (Week 2, Skid & Pump Underlay)
    • Amelia Watson: as herself (Week 2, Skid & Pump Underlay)
    • Botan Shishiro: as Herself (Samples for Week 3 Covers)
    • Coco Kiryu: as Herself (Week 4 Vocals and Samples)
  • Special Thanks
    • BulletgodReborn: Beta Tester
    • Dolly Fail Fail: Beta Tester
    • RoseTelos: Beta Tester
    • Genox: Boyfriend, Skid & Pump (Voicebank Configuration for Sharkventure & Misteavous Myth-Buster)
    • KadeDeveloper: Kade Engine (The base Engine for HoloFunk)
    • CelShader: Callibattle (Help with the Drums and New Charts)

Original FNF Credits:

  • ninja_muffin99 – Programming
  • PhantomArcade3k and evilsk8r – ARTISTS
  • kawaisprite – TASTY ASS MUSIC
  • KadeDev – Kade Engine Programming
  • AND everyone that contributed to the github source.
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