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Hunter and Props


Take hunting to the next level in Hunter and Props where player can camouflaging themself to hide.

Play as either a hunter or a prop. Three maps: hotel, new year, and mart.

Join an existing server or create a own pirate server.

How to Play:

F1 – show/hide this guide
Enter – teammate chat
Shift+Enter – for enter chat

If you prop:
Transform into desire prop, find hide spot. Do not forget to play taunt, it’s fun.
WASD – for move
E – for transform prop
RMB – for rotate your prop
Q – audio taunt

If you hunter:
In the begining of round you are blinded. When blind time is over, try find hiding props and kill them. Also killing props recovers 30hp.
How to use PropFinder: When your gadget is ready the green LED would be blink, press LMB to activate PropFinder to start search props(don’t change weapon when you use PropFinder), in a one second PropFinder will report on search results: if green LED is glowing, this means that PropFinder find one or more props in your area, and all founded props started playing taunt; if red LED is glowing, this means that PropFinder doesn’t find any props in your area.

WASD – for move
LMB – for shoot
1 – for SMG
2 – for Shotgun
3 – for PropFinder
4 – for Grenade

If you spectator:
LMB – next player
RMB – next cam mode(Freelook/Firstperson/Thirdperson)

Hunter and Props Game App

Hunter and Props on Google Play
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