Super Mario Craft

How to play Mario craft

Mario craft is a combination of Minecraft and Mario build Mario world as you like to build. you can save and load game

use space bar and up arrow key to keep high

up arrow to move forward

right arrow to move right

left arrow to move left

down arrow to move backward

point to an object and click to destroy

Super Mario Craft Online.

The primary objective of the game is to run to the right and grab as many coins as possible while avoiding enemies that take away coins.

The game can be played by more than one person simultaneously, however, just like the traditional Super Mario Bros. you can only control one character.

Play Super Mario Craft online for free now.

Nintendo released one of their more colorful and well-received games to date. Super Mario Craft takes some of the most popular elements from a variety of Nintendo’s other successful titles, then combines them all into a new fun game. If you haven’t checked out the Super Mario Craft game yet, there is no time like the present.

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