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Mathimals Game is a math game with an animal theme. If you are an animal lover, then you’ll LOVE this Mathimals online game. You feed woodland creatures by solving mathematics questions correctly. There is a monkey, bunny, mouse and a cute little chipmunk! You would not be able to resist feeding these wildlife cutie animals. This educational game offers mathematics skill practice from fractions, decimals, statistics and geometry to math, multiplication, and properties. Just solve the math questions correctly on the screen, and you will move ahead in the Mathimals game. If you get the math question wrong, then animals will miss out on a snack. Even if you solve the question wrong, this mathimatics game is all about learning. Remember, practice makes a man perfect! So keep trying and don’t give up.


To play this mtah game, first of all select your grade and the skill you would like to practice. Do not worry, you can always change your skill later. Each cute animal has a green bar at the top of their head to let you know how hungry there are. Every Game level has its own objective which you can find in the top left corner of the Mathimals game. Feed the animals by solving questions before you run out of time and advance to the next level!

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