Quick Math


Quick Math is a free math game. Fast math is the only math worth doing. Anyone can punch numbers into a calculator, count on their fingers, or scribble equations on index cards. It is the truth brain-geniuses that have the ability to fast math in their heads wherever and whenever they want. Don’t let the simplicity of the equations fool you. When you are faced with a timer counting down you will quickly realize that even the simplest math equations can become an unbearable challenge if the timing isn’t right. What is X? Who is Y? Will you be able to solve all of the equations before time runs out and the world has ended? This is a question that real scientists ask themselves every day in math-related emergencies. In this game, we give you the opportunity to challenge yourself and practice for the day when it won’t just be a game. Get fast, do math, and answer hard in Quick Math. A free game for true gamers only.


On your desktop computer or mobile device please use your finger to point and tap on the correct number or your mouse to point and click. A simple equation will flash in front of you and it is your job to fill in the missing numbers. You must do it before time runs out or you will have lost. This is a game for true Math-heads so get clicking and enjoy!

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