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Soldiers Fury


LOLBeans.io is a free IOGame. Play as a cute little jelly bean boyo who is racing, pushing, shoving, and elbowing their way to victory. This is a no holds barred obstacle course where only the toughest will survive. You can be a knockout, a wipeout, or Ninja Warrior in this epic game of jelly bean madness. In this game, you might be able to play with people from all over the world but none of them are your friends. This is all competition and the strongest will survive. Sharpen your elbows and get going in this masterful game of kicking beans and taking names. Test your mettle against a variety of different obstacles like spikes, pits, poles, moving platforms, probably fire, there might be lasers and spinning things. Take them all on and show them who you really are and what you can really do. A typical multiplayer game has multiple rounds where the slowest players are eliminated gradually. In the end, only one player wins and gets the crown!

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