Space Miner


Space Miner is a free platform puzzle game. Welcome to space, where no one can hear you mine. Space Miner is a platform game where you will be trying to escape an eternal space ship after you’ve collected all of the goodies you can find. There are various items and objects you’ll need to find and unlock before you’re able to escape the level and make it home to your spaceship. Each level is its own puzzle that will require you to figure out where to move your alien buddy when to move them, and for how long you’re supposed to keep them wherever they go. Imagine yourself inside a space maze filled with alien artifacts and objects of unknown origin. It is a fabulous place to be, it is a fun place to be. We feel like you’d have a lot of fun there so why not click on over and start mining in space. Space Miner is a free puzzle-platform game you’re going to love.


On a desktop computer, use your mouse to click on the screen and move your alien buddy in the direction you want. If playing on a mobile device, please use your finger to tap and control the character on the screen.

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